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Brand Partners

CIMA is the marketing name of The CIMA Companies, Inc., a retail property-casualty insurance broker in the U.S., and XS/Group is the marketing name of XS/Group, Inc., a surplus lines insurance broker in the U.S. CIMA and XS Group are both Acrisure Agency Partners.

Volante Global (cyber insurance experts) and GBMS Tech (cyber security experts) have partnered with CIMA and XS/Group to provide clients with a complete cyber insurance and security package that blocks ransomware and malware and prevents business email compromise, all backed up with cyber insurance, just in case. We will also monitor your business computers and mobile devices 24/7/365 enabling us to respond within seconds of any incident. All our cyber insurance policies are underwritten by a leading global insurer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trident Lockdown

Businesses have been running antivirus as standard for years, yet they keep getting breached and the rate of infection with things like ransomware is increasing at a frightening rate. This is because antivirus still allows new variant malware (of which there are a huge number released daily) to be trusted and allowed into your computer where it can do immediate damage.

There are different Trident Lockdown solutions for computers and mobile devices:

  1. Trident Lockdown EPP: Runs on Windows and Linux computers and servers (but not Mac OS). Trident Lockdown EPP avoids the fundamental weakness of nearly every antivirus solution – even the latest generation antivirus - because it trusts nothing unless and until GBMS’s SOC team has checked it.

    Trident Lockdown EPP blocks malware, including ransomware, regardless of whether it is already known or something that has never been seen before. It does not matter how the malware arrives at your computer. If an executable file is not already in your trusted list of applications, Trident Lockdown EPP will block it every time.

    To ensure your trusted list comprises only safe applications, the security team at the GBMS SOC personally checks all applications before informing you that they are safe. This level of human checking is far safer than automated methods of checking and helps to explain why Trident Lockdown EPP is highly effective at blocking malware and ransomware where other solutions fail. Manual checking by the GBMS SOC team avoids the common mistake made by others in trusting updates without first checking them. Hackers know this is common practice and therefore they exploit it. Trident Lockdown EPP and GBMS’s method of trusting applications makes it extremely difficult for hackers to infect GBMS’s clients.

  2. Trident Lockdown Mobile: Works on mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Its system of security checks and continuous monitoring put it among the very best malware and ransomware blocking solutions for mobile devices.

    Apps are the predominant way that sensitive data is accessed on mobile devices. Trident Lockdown Mobile’s app analysis technology is powered by intelligence from over 100 million iOS and Android apps, giving you visibility into app-based risks such as:

    • Trojans and spyware that can exfiltrate data from the device
    • Vulnerabilities in app data transfer and storage
    • Risky app behaviours that pose a compliance risk
    • Sideloaded apps that bypass official app stores

    If the device is compromised with software vulnerabilities, the built-in security of the operating system can be bypassed. Trident Lockdown Mobile creates a fingerprint of each mobile device and compares it against the 185 million devices in a security platform to identify anomalies and risks, such as:

    • Behavioural anomalies
    • Advanced root or jailbreak
    • Out-of-date operating systems
    • Device configuration risks

    Network-based threats are typically executed by spoofing a Wi-Fi hotspot to intercept network traffic and decrypt sensitive data. By analysing network connections from a global sensor network, Trident Lockdown Mobile mitigate false positives while detecting high impact threats, including:

    • Man-in-the-middle attacks
    • Host certificate hijacking
    • SSLStrip attacks
    • TLS protocol downgrades

In using Trident Lockdown EPP and Trident Lockdown Mobile, Cyber Lockout uses highly effective security methods that seek to prevent the attack in the first place rather than relying on existing antivirus tools, which are being shown time and time again to be ineffective against malware including ransomware.

Businesses have been able to rely for a long time on the abundance of relatively inexpensive cyber insurance to pick up the pieces (insofar as it is possible) after an attack.

However, the rate and severity of cyber-attacks is increasing so much, that many cyber insurers have been forced to increase premiums and deductibles and radically restrict coverage for things like ransomware. There is now a dangerously low level of insurance available to pay out in the event of a successful attack.

Businesses can no longer rely on the insurance to cover the costs. Instead, Cyber Lockout brings together cyber insurance and specialist ransomware-only insurance with a highly effective malware-blocking technology, giving your business an extremely high chance of preventing the attack in the first place.

We believe that prevention is better than cure.

Cyber Lockout is the trading name we use for our total security solution comprising the cyber insurance coverage and GBMS’s Trident Lockdown cyber security.

For “How many computers?” you should add up all the following items you use for your business (even if occasionally):

  1. Windows Desktop PCs
  2. Windows Laptops
  3. Servers (with Windows or Linux operating systems)

For “How many mobile devices?” you should add up all the following items you use for your business (even if occasionally):

  1. Mobile phones (Apple or Android devices)
  2. Tablet PCs

Do not include your internet router.

You can buy as many or as few licences as you need in your business. If you get it wrong at the start or if your business grows during the year and you acquire or start using a new computer, you can purchase additional licences at any time through your easy-to-use Cyber Lockout My Account dashboard.

You can also transfer a licence from one computer to another one if you decided for example to replace an old laptop with a new one mid-year. Just contact the GBMS support team for assistance on how to do this.

You can consider ways of reducing your attack surface by making a policy decision to access your business only on certain computers and mobile devices and this will reduce the number of licences you need to buy.

However, it is important to remember that insurance cover for the consequences of a successful virus, ransomware or malware attack on your computers and mobile devices is dependent on you running Trident Lockdown EPP in Full Protection Mode on the affected computer and/or running Trident Lockdown Mobile in Full Protection Mode on the affected mobile device, at the time of the attack. Therefore, as soon as you add a new computer or mobile device for use in your business, you must promptly install Trident Lockdown and follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure it is correctly configured.

The GBMS support analysts will be on hand to assist you.

Trident Lockdown EPP runs on all PCs, laptops and servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. The following versions of these operating systems are supported.

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1 32/64Bit, Windows 8.1 Pro0Enterprise 32/64bit, Windows 10 (pre-1709) Enterprise 32/64bit, Windows 10 (pre-1709+) Enterprise 32/64bit, Windows 10 Pro 32/64bit, Windows 10 Home 32/64bit
  • Windows Server 2008 SP1 64Bit (Requires KB3033929), Windows 2012 R2 64bit, Windows 2016 (pre-1803) 64bit, Windows 2016 (pre-1803+) 64bit, Windows Server 2019 64bit
  • Red Hat Linux (7.4*, 7.5* , 7.6, 7.7, 8.1)
  • Amazon Linux 2 (with Kernel Version 4.14+)

*only approved customer requests

Trident Lockdown EPP does not work on the Mac operating system.

Trident Lockdown Mobile works on the following Android and Apple mobile devices.

  • Android v5 onwards
  • iOS v11 onwards

GBMS Tech can accommodate pretty much any IT setup you may have including when your systems and security are being looked after by third parties (MSPs). You just download Trident Lockdown EPP onto your computer(s) directly. If your MSP blocks the download for any reason, you just ask them to permit it.

Sometimes it is simpler for GBMS Tech to provide the installation files to your MSP for them to automatically upgrade your computers and devices.

If you are having problems or are unsure, please speak to one of the GBMS Support team, who will gladly help, whose details are in Contact Us.

Trident Lockdown Mobile should be capable of running in your mobile devices alongside any other protections that your existing MSP may have. If in doubt, please ask the GBMS Support Team.

Trident Lockdown EPP uses virtually none of your system resources. On the contrary, your existing antivirus is a complex and growing software program that checks and monitors all your files regularly for the presence of a new virus that it has added to its bad list. That constant background checking consumes a HUGE amount of your system recourses and processor power.

Trident Lockdown Mobile uses little of your mobile device’s resources. You will likely see no impact on performance from running it.

If they are accessing your business-critical systems or confidential data then you must ensure that they only do so using a computer or mobile device that is Trident Lockdown protected, even if they are present only on a temporary basis.

This is the only safe way to protect your business from possible virus, malware or ransomware infections from these other computers or mobile devices.

Additional Trident Lockdown licences purchased during the policy year will be charged at the full annual cost and will expire at the annual renewal date of original Cyber Lockout purchase.

No. You need to buy separate licences for each Windows or Linux PC, laptop, or server and one for each mobile device used in your business.

The security protection offered to your whole business by Trident Lockdown only works properly when you apply it to every PC, laptop or server in your business that is running Windows or Linux, and to all mobile devices which you may use to access your business. Unprotected computers and mobile devices may enable hackers to gain access to your business data.

If you do not protect a computer or mobile device and this is the source of a successful virus, malware or ransomware attack, then insurance cover for the consequences of that attack will not apply and you will be uninsured.

The rule is simple: protect all your computers and mobile devices to be much safer from viruses, malware and ransomware and benefit from the Cyber Lockout insurance policies.

Yes. Just contact the GBMS Support team.

If you subsequently use the (now unprotected) old computer or mobile device in your business, any cyber insurance policy claims you make arising out of a successful attack or infection by virus, malware or ransomware on that unprotected computer or mobile device will not be covered.

Trident Lockdown EPP is set up to block all programs that have not been trusted. This provides you with maximum protection.

Once you are set up and in Full Protection Mode with your personalised list of trusted applications, Trident Lockdown EPP will block all other programs or applications unless and until you add them to your trusted list. If it is an application that you need to run and which has been blocked, you simply raise a support ticket with GBMS. Such instances will be rare for most businesses. GBMS will check that the application is safe and add it to your trusted list. GBMS’s security checks are mostly completed within a few minutes.

Trident Lockdown Mobile works differently, continually using advanced techniques to monitor your mobile devices for potential threats. You will not need to raise a support ticket to add new apps on your mobile devices.

This is where someone, who is not authorised to use your business email, has managed to gain the login and password to your email account.

It is a very common method of attack today that is costing businesses hundreds of millions each year

As part of onboarding for new customers who buy the Full Cyber policy we provide step-by-step instructions on how to activate multi-factor authentication on all your business email accounts. Turning on multi-factor authentication almost entirely eradicates the risk of business email compromise.

It is easy for us all to access our business email account through the internet. Just visit for example to log into your Outlook email account. The problem is that other people may be able to guess your password or trick you into giving it to them. One of the most common forms is a phishing email which you receive, asking you to log into your email account online because of some security concern. Clicking on the link and entering your details will give your login and password to fraudsters. They will either use that themselves or sell it to others who then target you.

They can then log into your account and read your emails to learn more about you to plot a suitable attack. They sometimes set up rules to forward all emails to them to track everything you are doing. This gives them time to read everything and plot how best to commit their fraud, such as:

  1. trick your customers into paying a fake invoice
  2. carry out a “fake president” attack on your business, where staff in your own business are sent an email, apparently coming from the CEO, asking for an urgent payment to be wired to the fraudsters
  3. steal your trade secrets, confidential information, or personal data.

It is easy to install and operate and the initial installation takes about 5-10 minutes per computer or mobile device.

You will receive full instructions in your welcome email, including videos that explain the step by step set up process for all your computers and mobile devices.

You need to do this on every computer and mobile device which you use for your business (as long as you have purchased sufficient licences to cover all computers and mobile devices).

Installing Trident Lockdown EPP on computers

Once installed, you will run Trident Lockdown EPP in Learn Mode for one week during which time it is learning about all the applications you currently run.

Once your applications are all identified and checked to ensure they are safe and certified, they are added to your trusted list and Full Protection Mode begins.

Installing Trident Lockdown Mobile on your mobile devices

This is a simple matter of using your phone or tablet to visit the appropriate App store and downloading the app, activating it with a key which we will provide to you then following the simple step-by-step instructions to ensure it is configured correctly in Full Protection Mode.

If your security is managed by your IT team or an MSP, you will need to inform them that you wish to do this, as they may wish to control the rollout among all your business users. The GBMS Support line will be able to advise in such situations.

No. You must take care to ensure that Trident Lockdown meets your business’s needs before you commit to buying. Once you have bought and installed your Trident Lockdown licences, no refunds will be possible.

No. You will not be able to use Trident Lockdown on shared cloud-based servers that you may be using. You will however be able to use it on a dedicated cloud-based server providing it meets the technical specification of Trident Lockdown EPP.

However, if you access a malicious file in a cloud server from a Trident Lockdown protected computer, Trident Lockdown will prevent that malicious file from executing harmful code on your protected computer.

Trident Lockdown EPP

Applications being blocked by Trident Lockdown EPP should be rare because all your necessary business applications should have all been identified during Learn Mode. Once your trusted list is created (a personalised set of trusted applications for every computer), when the software blocks something from running it is because it is doing the job you have asked it to do – block all applications that you have not expressly trusted. If Trident Lockdown blocks an application that you want to use, then please ask your IT admin or designated policy owner to contact the GBMS Support team with a change request. They will quickly be able to check if it is safe and add it to your trusted list.

The vast majority of things that get blocked are malicious.

Remember, to receive maximum protection from attacks and to ensure that your Cyber Lockout insurance policy provides coverage to your business, it is very important that you follow the recommendations given by GBMS in deciding to allow an application into your trusted list.

Trident Lockdown Mobile

You will be able to download apps to your mobile devices as usual. Trident Lockdown Mobile operates differently to Trident Lockdown EPP by scanning and checking emails, web pages and apps for evidence of illegal activity. Trident Lockdown mobile will block all illegal activity and report this to you.

Remember, to receive maximum protection from attacks and to ensure that your Cyber Lockout insurance policy provides maximum insurance coverage to your business it is very important to always keep Trident Lockdown Mobile activated using the recommended settings.

The Cyber Insurance

Cyber Lockout comes with a choice of a comprehensive cyber insurance (Full Cyber) policy or a Ransomware-Only policy for your business.

As soon as you pay, you are covered. However,

  • cover for ransomware, malware or virus attacks on your computers will only apply once you have downloaded Trident Lockdown EPP onto the affected computer and set your trident Lockdown into Full Protection Mode
  • cover for ransomware, malware or virus attacks on your mobile devices will only apply once you have downloaded Trident Lockdown Mobile onto your mobile devices and followed the recommended setting so ensure it is in Full Protection Mode
  • cover for businesses email compromise will only apply once you have turned on multi-factor authentication on your business emails.

In respect of virus, malware and ransomware threats, to gain the coverage under the policy you need to do the following simple steps as soon as possible:

  • After paying, you must install Trident Lockdown in Full Lockdown Mode on all your business computers and mobile devices.
  • To find out how to do this, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions in the welcome email we send to you shortly after purchasing Cyber Lockout. The same email contains instructions for Valet Service customers on how to schedule time with a member of the GBMS support team to do this for them.
  • These instructions will explain how to activate Trident Lockdown on your computers servers and mobile devices.
  • Once all your Windows and Linux computers and IOS or Android mobile devices are in Full Protection Mode, you will gain the maximum benefit of the insurance coverage in respect of malware, ransomware and virus attacks on your protected endpoints

As a mark of our confidence in the level of cyber security protection provided by Trident Lockdown, there is an automatic zero deductible applying to a successful virus, malware or ransomware execution on any of your Trident Lockdown protected computers or mobile devices that are running in Full Protection Mode at the time of the attack.

For Full Cyber Policy customers, in respect of business email compromise, to gain the coverage for the consequences of business email compromise you need to do the following simple steps as soon as possible:

  • After paying, you need to turn on multi-factor authentication for every email account that you have in your business. You need to remember that you also need protection for “admin@”, “info@”, “reception@”, “help@”, “support@” etc. It takes about 3 minutes per email address.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions are given in the GBMS Tech section of My Account.
  • We may email you periodic reminders of the need to activate business email compromise cover in this way.
  • You will not gain the benefit of the full insurance policy coverage from your Full Cyber Policy if you do not do this vital cyber security step.
  • As you add new email accounts throughout the year, it is important that you turn on multi-factor authentication for them as well to maximise your insurance policy coverage and to keep you safe.

If the attack involves the successful execution of ransomware, malware or a virus on a computer or mobile device before Trident Lockdown is installed, activated and in Full Protection Mode, you would not be covered for the consequences of that attack. That is why you must as soon as possible protect all your computers and mobile devices.

Once protected, you massively reduce the likelihood of ever having a successful malware or ransomware attack on that protected computer or mobile device. This reduction in risk is reflected in the coverage, the zero deductible and the premium.

This is a simple step that all of us can do to prevent business email compromise. This has become a very common source of attacking businesses. The premium you pay for your Full Cyber Policy reflects the reduction in risk by turning on multi-factor authentication on all your business email accounts.

Please contact CIMA using the details provided in the Contact Us page accessible from the home page.

Yes. You will receive a pro-rata refund of unearned premium but the maximum refund you will receive at any time is 70% of the full annual premium. This is to cover administrative costs. You will not receive a refund of Trident Lockdown fees.

Yes. Visit your Cyber Lockout dashboard in My Account and follow the instructions. Whether and on what terms you may be granted a higher limit depends on your risk profile. You may be charged an additional premium for this.


Yes. For details, please contact CIMA using the details provided in the Contact Us page accessible from the home page.

If the failure or breakdown was caused by the execution of a virus, malware or ransomware on one your Trident Lockdown protected computers or mobile devices, then your losses would be covered under the policy, subject to all policy terms and conditions.

In the absence of such virus, malware of ransomware on one of your Trident Lockdown protected computers or mobile devices, this will not be covered under your policy.

If the outage was caused by a virus, malware or ransomware on one of your Trident Lockdown protected computers or mobile devices, then any business interruption losses you suffer as a result of the cloud outage will be covered under the policy, subject to all policy terms and conditions.

In the absence of such virus, malware of ransomware on one of your Trident Lockdown protected computers or mobile devices this will not be covered under your Cyber Lockout policy.

There has been a massive increase the number of ransomware attacks affecting all sorts of businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, manufacturers, and government services. As a result of this, many insurance companies providing cyber insurance have restricted the amount of ransomware coverage in their policies. The Ransomware-Only policy provides an opportunity for any business, whether they have an existing cyber insurance policy or not, to purchase specific coverage for ransomware.

It will be particularly helpful to applicants who find themselves unable to access sufficient limits for ransomware coverage from their existing cyber insurer or whose renewal terms have worsened since last renewal.

The Ransomware-Only policy will sit alongside any other cyber insurance policy and underwriters will pay out on valid ransomware claims before the other insurer. Other insurers may recognise this reduction in their risk and reflect that in their renewal terms.