Ransomware Insurance
and Prevention

Ransomware insurance with preventative technology,
working together to protect your business 24/7/365

Our Products

A 24/7/365 fully monitored and fully insured cyber security solution for businessesof all sizes. Help end the scourge of ransomware, malware and business email compromise. Easy online quote.

Targeting ransomware with a powerful combination of cybersecurity and insurance

  • Prevents malware, ransomware and business email compromise
  • Security operations centre watching over you night and day 24/7/365
  • Ransomware and malware blocked before they do any harm. No reported successful attacks to date.
  • Comprehensive cyber insurance for that extra piece of mind
  • Choose from Full Cyber Cover or our special Ransomware Cover
  • Easy to download with step by step instructions
  • Smaller applicants can get covered quickly

Brand Partners

About Us

CIMA is the marketing name of The CIMA Companies, Inc., a retail property-casualty insurance broker in the U.S., and XS/Group is the marketing name of XS/Group, Inc., a surplus lines insurance broker in the U.S. CIMA and XS Group are both Acrisure Agency Partners.

Volante Global (cyber insurance experts) and GBMS Tech (cyber security experts) have partnered with CIMA and XS/Group to provide clients with a complete cyber insurance and security package that blocks ransomware and malware and prevents business email compromise, all backed up with cyber insurance, just in case. We will also monitor your business computers and mobile devices 24/7/365 enabling us to respond within seconds of any incident. All our cyber insurance policies are underwritten by a leading global insurer.

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Stories of who we are, how GBMS's Trident Lockdown works, the devasating scourge of ransomware, how to help prevent business email compromise, how to install GBMS's Trident Lockdown and more.

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